About Me

Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by. This is about my journey of becoming a Dom and growing with it.

Most of my life has been rather vanilla until I was prompted by a gal to start exploring BDSM. Up until recently it was just research and maybe a little light play not fully knowing what I was doing or having a partner who had a clue.

This is a journey that truly began last year and is the point where it all clicked after I met my current submissive, my babygirl. There is wonderous amounts of joy and a few bumps along the way. We learn from those bumps to help us improve our craft. Remember that is not just us but also our submissives, they have a stake in it too.

Please sit back and enjoy as I will have reflections on various aspects of BDSM I have experienced as well as some scenes I have to to illustrate points. I hope that what I have experienced expressed in this forum will help others in their journey.

Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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