Introducing babygirl

The journey centers around babygirl, for without her, it would not have happened. Thus I felt it appropriate to introduce her at this point, so there is context to the blog. The connection or chemistry between a Dom and a submissive allows your time together to evoke more passion. I will be posting on that in future entries to the blog.

I met with babygirl a year after encountering her at a social event just before the covid shutdown madness. There was a desire to meet, but work life and home life did not align until late last year. I had known to some degree that she enjoyed kink but never understood to what level.  

Our first meeting was rather vanilla, but we discovered many mutual interests in our conversation. Having mutual interests helps build a bond as you can spend time together outside of the bedroom in a meaningful way. The discussion included the topic of BDSM, where a wonderful evening took on a new sensation. Our conversation lightly touched some of our interests, but time did not allow for it to continue at that time. We quickly chose to meet again and explore the BDSM aspect.

 This first meeting was full of passion, and there was undeniable chemistry between us. Texting became our primary communication as we both had to be discreet around our individual home lives. We were soon texting every day, learning about each other 

An impromptu chance to meet for dinner in downtown Fort Worth turned into a magical evening. Our PDA, Public Display of Affection, was genuine and warm as we waited for a table. Our hands naturally sought out the others. After we ate, we wandered the downtown area as we continued to talk. We spoke of our mutual interests and focused on Photography and BDSM. I was at this time feeling something deeper building in our relationship.

By the time our next session occurred, we had exchanged numerous texts on the subject. We ventured in lightly with a set of ankle and wrist cuffs, a blindfold,  and a suede flogger that I had never used before. I discovered babygirl loves suede floggers. It can be soft or deliver a good thud depending on the number of tails and how wide they are. During this session, I started calling her babygirl, and she called me Daddy.

I found out later that this is a common thing to do. We were texting daily and had shared a BDSM checklist to see our compatibility in what we like as a D/s. Our checklist mirrored each other from the Dom to the submissive side exceptionally well. 

When our next session came around,  I had made a custom collar inscribed especially for her. The collar is not a formal collar but rather a play collar for our time together. Collaring is a formal practice in BDSM, not unlike a marriage. She was elated, and she melts every time I bring it out. I also introduced a new blindfold that stays in place much better and has padding around her eyes. The extreme amount of trust that she gives me is now very evident. Babygirl gives 110% to our time together, and I love it.

We had talked about a museum trip and were planning it for the upcoming weekend. We met the night before and then again in the morning for the trip to Dallas. I had never been to the Dallas Aquarium, so it was a treat. We brought our cameras to photograph exhibits and see how we approached our subjects. We would stand side by side at various points, and she would place her hand on my chest. I would instinctively put my arm around her waist in response. This act doesn’t seem essential but would be a key to our developing relationship. 

The Aquarium trip was fun, intimate, and showed our genuine affection for one another. There was a level of comfort that was very natural. Many lines we had initially set as safeguards were becoming blurred as we learned about each other. This trip was named “The Undoing,” as we undid those lines. “The Undoing” is also where we later agreed that our most profound connection had begun to bloom. One of the exhibits babygirl was excited about was of the sloths. A stuffed sloth followed her home from the gift shop and rests above her bed. She is a fan of “stuffies”. Stuffies is a term that refers to stuffed animals. Not uncommon for those with a “little” side. 

Each session became an extension of the previous session. Passion as our connection grew significantly increased. Babygirl slips into subspace very quickly and easily. I would send a picture or video of the implements for play so babygirl would know what to expect. The preview is now a ritual where she can have me add or delete an item she sees appropriate. It is an essential aspect of the conversations needed for a healthy exchange.

We had a weekend where we both had freedom coming up, and we planned on visiting the Inner Space caverns in Austin the day after the upcoming session. I suggested we have an overnight session to make it an extended visit. babygirl quickly agreed.

Up to this point, babygirl had started using various terms of endearment in our texts. We were anticipating this weekend with much excitement, and it was like waiting for Christmas as a kid. Our evening contained much passion, orgasms, subspace, and sweat. After going to pick up some take-out dinner, we ate in bed, enjoying the company of each other. We then retired for a night of sleep, snuggled together like an everyday occurrence. It was all very natural and intimate, as if we had been doing this for years. It was very personal and showed our genuine comfort with each other.

The next day was a morning of coffee in bed, followed by a relaxed passion session before we cleaned up and checked out of the hotel. The drive to the cave was about 3 hours or so. We talked about many interests to fill the time, never at a loss of a topic. The Inner Space cavern was a new experience for her, and she thoroughly enjoyed it as we held hands and kissed every so often. 

On the drive back, the conversation continued to be engaging the entire time. I introduced babygirl to the Czech Stop bakery, where she fell in love with the pepperoni rolls. Dropping her off at home was bittersweet as we had such a great time. This trip solidified many feelings and just cemented our connection. It also showed we had unknowingly checked all the boxes on each other’s checklist.    

Babygirl is quirky, and by some folks, ideas are a bit weird in a good way. Her humor tends to be sarcastic and dark at times. Amazingly my quirks, weirdness, and humor are a great match. We like to hold hands in public or while in the truck, not a light hold but a firm, warm, passionate grasp that says I want to keep your hand in mine. It is born of genuine feeling. We have a safe, non-judgemental space where we are free to be ourselves. We incorporate a meal before or after the session to ensure our health and as part of our aftercare. As a Dom, I am further caring for her as I am in a caregiver role. Food helps to further the trust and the bond.

I hope this provides a picture of how babygirl and I started and the sort of person she is so that the other parts of the journey have points of reference.

The blog continues with various topics in my journey as we explore this wonderful thing we have—these topics will cover some bumps we have encountered and how we worked around them.

Please leave a reply below with commentary, and feel free to follow the blog.

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