Daddy’s Daytime Work Delights [A fantasy Story]

For a bit of a change of pace, I am adding a little fantasy story to the blog. I may add more of this content based on the feedback I receive, so please comment and like.

It was one of those super rare opportunities that eyes was out of town for a few days, and babygirl spent the night at the house. I had gotten up before babygirl, and after kissing her on the forehead and telling her to sleep in a little bit more, I went and made coffee. 

While the coffee was brewing, I signed into work to check on things and gauge how the day may flow. After reviewing my email and the status of a few systems, I could hear babygirl stirring. I bring her a fresh cup of coffee as she lounges in the marshmallow bed she loves. I have a few minutes before my team meeting, so I make a bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese croissant for babygirl to eat while she enjoys her coffee.

The plan for the day is to get through my morning meeting and have the rest of the day off so we can go on one of our photo adventures that we both enjoy immensely. As my morning team meeting starts, babygirl sits at the table with one of her stuffies and a coloring book. She is happy and entirely in her little space as she sips her coffee and colors while eating her breakfast like the good girl she is.

As my meeting ends, I take off my headset, turn to babygirl, and smile as I start to lock my laptop. At that moment, I got a text indicating there is a major incident at the office, and being in a position where I could provide input, I had to jump on that call. I explain to babygirl that I have to work on this. Babygirl gets this pouty look on her face knowing that some intimate time we would enjoy before we took off for the day is delayed. 

As I connect to the incident call, I move my laptop to the table where babygirl sits. She has this pouty pleading look in her eyes that melts my heart. I know babygirl is disappointed in the delay in our planned activities. Little did I know she was already planning ways to resolve some of it in a manner that was unexpected to me.

Since covid broke out, I have been working remotely, so my daily attire tends to be a t-shirt and athletic shorts. When babygirl and I have sleepovers, we sleep in the nude, so my attire this morning was a t-shirt and athletic shorts with no underwear.

While working with the support teams, I provide information from my software tools to help them troubleshoot the issue. I had not looked up at babygirl in a few minutes, so I hadn’t noticed babygirl wasn’t in her chair. The next thing I know is that I feel her face nuzzling the inside of my thighs under the table. I open my legs to give her greater access as she mews and whimpers. I know what she wants, and I would allow her some of it while making her wait for the rest. I smiled as I thought she would get frustrated until I let her have a release.

While making sure my microphone is on mute, I tell babygirl that she is a good girl but needs to get a towel. I have her lay the towel where she will kneel, knowing how insanely wet she gets while playing with Daddy’s cock. She gives me a puzzled look but obeys without question. 

babygirl returned to her previous place between my legs, nuzzling the inside of my thighs with her face and placing gentle kisses on the way to my growing erection as she worked her way up my thighs. Her hands start to glide along my things, fingernails lightly digging in the way she knows I love. As her hands approach my shorts, I tell her, “ah ah” in the tone all kids know as stop what you are doing. babygirl looks up at me and whimpers. I tell her no hands, but she may only use her face and tongue. 

babygirl continues as she works out the challenge using her face to move my shorts to expose the head of my cock. She rubs her face over the head and licks it. As she starts to take it into her mouth, I again say, “ah ah”. I know she wants to take it all into her mouth and suck it. I inform her tongue only. I can see the want and pleading in her eyes as babygirl continues to lick the head, trying to move the shorts further back for more access.

After a few minutes, I roll my chair back and stand up, catching her by surprise. I remove my shorts, and babygirl lets out a happy squeal of delight. She reaches for my hardness as I sit down, and I remind her no hands. As she places her hands on my thighs, I tell her no, assume position one. babygirl continues with her tongue and eventually wraps her lips around the head. I groan with pleasure and tell her she is a good girl. Allowing her to take it deeper into her mouth, I notice some body movements. I see her hand has slipped down between her legs, and she is rubbing her clit.

Ensuring my microphone is muted, I tell her, “ah ah, no touching yourself without permission.” I get this look of frustration from babygirl that usually comes with an “evil Daddy” comment. babygirl lets out a heavy sigh and engulfs my hardness so that she gags on it. I can tell babygirl is fighting her brat side and is trying to distract me as she slowly sucks my entire length gagging with the head in the back of her mouth. 

I reach down and stop her head motion as I have to provide an update on the call to validate that their solution is working. babygirl looks up at me with pleading eyes wanting to impale her mouth deeper with my hardness. As I reach over to disconnect the call, I grab the back of her head with my other hand and shove it all the way down on me. She gags and moans as I start to move her head for her with her hair in my fist. I hold her head with my cock deep in her mouth as I ask her if she is wet, knowing the answer is yes. With her mouth full, she can only moan in affirmation as she starts to get short of breath. I continue to bob her head up and down, knowing that she loves the sensation of not being in control but instead being used for my pleasure as I get a tighter grip on her hair.

I suddenly stand, pulling my cock out of her mouth, and pull her up beside me positioning her arms at her side. I tell babygirl to spread her legs so Daddy can check to see how wet she is. While I had already seen the big wet spot on the towel, I needed to run my fingers along her inner thighs to elicit a moan as they approached her wetness. I could feel the wetness running down her legs as my hand moved slowly up her thighs. She arched her hips toward me, moaning more as my fingers found her clit and soaked slit. I get a finger covered in her nectar and raise it to her lips. She takes my finger into her mouth as my other hand starts to rub her clit, causing her to moan and her legs to shake.

I whisper into her ear, “that’s my good babygirl remember, don’t cum without permission.” As her leg shakes intensify, I hear her whispering, “Daddy, Daddy, please let me cum.” Not yet, babygirl I reply. I push her back on the table and continue to torment her clit while using my other hand to work her g-spot. babygirl is writhing on the table, begging to cum. I tell her it’s almost time, as I can feel how frantic she is trying to hold the orgasm back. 

I remove my fingers, and she looks at me with this look of horror like no, you can’t do that, thinking I was going to deny her an orgasm as I move forward and slam my dick fully into her. babygirl groans intensely as I impale her suddenly and unexpectedly. “Cum babygirl, cum for Daddy,” I tell her after a few strokes to get her legs shaking again. Her body convulses as she falls off the edge. I continue pounding her as she says, “Daddy, you didn’t stop.” I growl this sound she loves in her ear and tell babygirl, “no, I didn’t stop as I am not finished with you yet.” babygirl cums multiple times when I give her permission before I finally fill her from the inside, the sensations triggering another orgasm from babygirl.

I collapse on her for a minute as we both catch our breath before I help her to the couch, where we wrap up in a quilt to relax while we have some more coffee. We shower before heading out for the day’s photo adventure with silly grins on our faces.

This story has been a fun little piece I wrote mainly for the fantasy part and from conversations on things she would like to do to me one day while working. I figured it would be a fun change of pace to the blog for all.

Please comment with your thoughts below. If you would be so kind, please let me know where you found out about my blog. Your feedback is essential to me as it helps me in what I write.

Thank you for reading, and please share with others.

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