This is a tough post to make, but I feel it is essential as it shows how I care for babygirl in both her physical and emotional senses. Over the time we have spent together, I have learned much about her.

One such fact was she had a very traumatic experience a year ago, and the one-year point was rapidly arriving.In my role as Daddy and as a close friend, I was very concerned about how that day would transpire. I did not want her to be alone, think about it, and have her thoughts spiral down to a bad place. I also know she has PTSD from that event. 

I was unsure if I could make this happen that day, but the universe aligned to make it possible. Two weeks before the day was upon us, I told her of my plan to which she agreed. My goal was straightforward, to provide her a safe place, Sanctuary from the world for a day. To give her a place where she felt safe and secure for the day and to be with Daddy.  

It would be the second time she had been to my place in the country. It is tranquil and peaceful out here without the hustle and bustle of city life. I prepared on the grill one of her favorite foods for dinner. We then watched a silly movie on Disney that neither of us had seen before. I knew she would play with the dogs as she loves them and their goofiness. Babygirl plops down on the floor beside them and gives them all the love in the world, bringing her great joy and laughter as she is covered in dog kisses from 3 large “puppies”. 

We enjoyed a very casual evening allowing her to relax and unwind. Talk ranged from ridiculous subjects to running commentary on the movie resulting in much laughter. We eventually retired to what she calls “The Marshmellow Bed”. babygirl sinks into the bed and starts purring like a little kitten whenever she is there. In her words, it is the most comfortable bed ever.

It was not a night for kink, but I let her take the lead in the activities to suit her frame of mind, a very soft and sensual time before we went to sleep.  The following day I had to get up and work as I had a vendor meeting to attend virtually.

babygirl was able to sleep in and continue to relax. There was fresh coffee waiting for her when she awoke with her favorite coffee creamer. She even spent time in the pool for sun therapy after I applied sunscreen to her. I couldn’t let babygirl get a sunburn. I had the curtains open to keep an eye on her and spent my breaks walking out to ensure she was staying hydrated. 

babygirl came inside a while later as my meeting was wrapping up to take a nap. I also joined babygirl in bed for a nap when my meeting was over. I enjoy watching babygirl napping as I can generally tell what sleep level she is in by her breathing and different snoring patterns.

Our ritual brushing of her hair before we packed her things, as always, was calming and very intimate. She has a special hairbrush that I keep in my babygirl duffle for just this purpose. I took her the scenic route home so she could see more of the countryside before we stopped to get takeout Chinese food. 

babygirl was very appreciative of my doing this for her. She knew the reason for it, and it worked. She knew it was safe to cry if needed and that caring arms were there for her. It made me so happy that she could be happy and not fretting over last year’s event.

Sanctuary is another of the DD/caregiver aspects of our kink. It shows that it is part of kink in our roles, but it goes deeper. It furthers our bond and our connection. If roles were reversed, she would do the same for me. I do not doubt that. We do this as part of our DD/lg roles. But it goes further in that it shows the Dom caring for the well-being of his sub and vice-versa. It is essential for healthy power exchange and the element of trust. Without trust, there is no power exchange. 

Another aspect of this unique connection we share was alluded to in a previous post about rituals. Our daily texting includes many simple phrases, terms of endearment, that regardless of who initiates the first phrase, the other finishes with a variation. An example would be “Miss you” and the reply would be “Miss you more”. It is partly a game but goes much deeper. It is a gauge of our emotional state.

I can’t always provide babygirl with Sanctuary, but I try my hardest to ensure babygirl knows that I am there for her physically and emotional well-being when I can’t. When she is having a bad day, I try to provide as much support as possible. My being an hour away and not always being able to jump and go frustrates us both. To say that I care for her deeply would be understated. babygirl is very special to me, as you may have figured out. This offer of Sanctuary probably did as much for me as it did for babygirl. I know it was good for her. It was heart melting for me.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please leave a comment as I like to hear what others think and have also experienced.

2 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. I loved this story! You take such good care of babygirl but she gives you great rewards and maybe without realizing it. Seems to you two were made for each other.!


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