The journey begins…

When I was a teenager, BDSM wasn’t a known word or phrase. It was S&M (Sadism & Masochism)and in those days was considered extremely taboo and typically associated with whips and chains. At this time I was a short somewhat introverted redhead with a speech impediment. This led to me being somewhat socially introverted unless I knew you well. Needless to say, I didn’t date much in high school. I also had this self-appointed stigma because of my parents’ divorce to cloud my self-worth.

In the late 70s, I had found a stash of Penthouse magazines in the woods near my house. One of these had “The Story of O” in pictorial format. I was intrigued and somewhat appalled by the piercings. At the time I did not understand the concept of what was being portrayed. Even though I don’t recall the imagery, it left a lasting impression.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago, I was seeing a gal and she expressed a fascination in “50 Shade of Grey”. I know, a slanted view of BDSM but sex sells. So I read all three of them to see what the hype was. I still didn’t get it. I could see as if through a fog some concepts but that was it. Turns out, she was more enamored in the storybook aspect instead of actual play. Sadly she did something stupid and is now a guest of the state. I probably dodged a bullet but didn’t know enough to proceed safely.

Safety is a very important thing in this wonderful now not so hidden world. I will dedicate a blog entry on that topic based on what I have learned and experienced.

By this point in time of my life, I am a middle-aged successful IT person who has lived the American dream of starting in the stockroom of a Fortune 500 company and working my way up to a salaried role that I essentially created. I am quirky and silly around the right person. Sarcasm comes naturally. A side venture in my life took me into the world of firefighting and EMS in my 40’s until I had neck and back surgery.

Hobbies are a large part of my life as I enjoy riding my Harley. Photography has been a part of me for decades as I can express many things through pictures. Hiking gets me outdoors and gives me opportunities to merge hobbies. Amateur radio is an eclectic hobby as there is much there most people never see. In short, yes I still am, I am a middle-aged married male having a dad bod with an appetite for BDSM with beautiful women.

I continued to explore via books on the subject to find out more. I was genuinely interested to learn more but with books, you don’t get a sense of how this works or feels.

I had purchased a set of wrist and ankle cuffs as well as a cheap flogger they sat idle for a couple of years. I visited a few gals during that time but no one was really into it. While it did not stop my reading and visiting websites on the subject, home life had me reduced in the hours I could do research. Now and then I would find someone who wanted to dabble, probably to say they have done it. There was not a spark or a connection beyond initial meetups.

Last year I met babygirl, not only does she genuinely pique my interest but we are able to go into “ourspace”, losing track of time while stimulating all of our senses.

This blog picks up from there as this is where the journey begins.

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