DD/lg – A most amazing experience

This past year has been an amazing and wonderful year for babygirl and me. It has been beyond any expectations I could have imagined. Granted, the “Great Disconnect” was rough on us, but we learned about our resilience and communication’s importance in any relationship.  For those in this lifestyle, you understand what DD/lg means. Others […]

The Primal Side and the Disconnect

The last couple of weeks on vacation have been an emotional rollercoaster for babygirl and me. Before I delve into that, I would like to add a little background on my side for a better perspective on this post and the prior blog postings. I am married to a very conservative vanilla woman who does […]

It’s so Stupid

This incredible connection I have with babygirl has a vital component wrapped around communication. I communicate with babygirl on levels I have never shared with anyone before, and it is so natural and fluid. One aspect allowing this is our texting as we share our day. This connection is so unique on so many levels. […]

A week of highs and then smack the low hits

Conversation opened. 1 unread message. Skip to contentUsing Gmail with screen readers Search A week of highs and the smack the low hits It has been a week ending on a very sour note. Having been a firefighter, I have learned to compartmentalize things to do those things needed to save a life or property. […]


This is a tough post to make, but I feel it is essential as it shows how I care for babygirl in both her physical and emotional senses. Over the time we have spent together, I have learned much about her. One such fact was she had a very traumatic experience a year ago, and […]

Rituals aka A Form of Communication

I have found that rituals are an important part of the BDSM experience. According to Merriam-Webster, it can be defined as “an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner.”. Rituals set up a standard structure and help to keep everything familiar. Straying from them can lead to the submissive feeling […]

D/s, The Power Exchange

In life, there are five types of power exchange. Equals Male led Vanilla Female led Vanilla Dominant/submissive Master/slave In short: Equals – is a typical exchange these days where both share equally in the day’s decisions. It gives the impression that they share equally in everything. It can shift both ways as the couple’s needs […]

What kind of Dom am I?

There are many types of Doms in the lifestyle. In one of my earlier chat sessions with babygirl, she called me a soft Dom. At first, I was a little put off by that comment as my view of a Dom was a tough persona and tended to lean towards being a true sadist. I […]

Introducing babygirl

The journey centers around babygirl, for without her, it would not have happened. Thus I felt it appropriate to introduce her at this point, so there is context to the blog. The connection or chemistry between a Dom and a submissive allows your time together to evoke more passion. I will be posting on that […]